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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Turkish Language
and Turkey and the Turkish people...

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LPT's 'Frequently Asked Questions' about the Turkish language...

  • Please provide some Internet locations where I can find Turkish 'pen pals' to help me improve my Turkish.

    You can find potential Turkish pen pals on UseNet and on Internet Relay Chat (and on some WWW) sites. And once you’ve found a special pal(s), you may prefer speaking with him or her through your Instant Messenger. Let’s look at these Internet capabilities one at a time…


    UseNet provides a time-delayed means for people with similar interests to have a ‘town meeting’. And once you enter the UseNet, you’ll find town meetings in progress on all manner of subjects – from aardvarks to zabaglione.

    To learn more about UseNet
    (News Groups, Discussion Groups)
    please link to:

    With any luck, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) already offers you a ‘private’ News Server (requiring a password), for use only by your ISP’s ‘private’ subscribers. Because, otherwise, UseNet is awfully hard to access during peak hours.

    If your ISP does not provide such UseNet service, then there are free servers available. But be advised that they are often busy (and thus difficult to access) ‑‑ and slow (after you finally do gain access).

    Still… if you don’t have another choice,
    you may try any of the free News Servers you’ll find listed at: http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Usenet/Public_News_Servers/

    Or, if you're willing to pay a small monthly fee to gain the added accessibility and speed, then by all means consider one of the ‘for pay’ UseNet services.
    Such as:

    In any case, to access the UseNet, you need ‘News Reader’ software. Fortunately, Internet Explorer and Netscape both have such software imbedded in their more recent versions (under the ‘Mail’ function) – in a bare-bones sort of way.

    And if you prefer more 'meat on bone', try one of the free/shareware software programs (dedicated solely to UseNet purposes), that you'll find available at download sites like:

    Anyway, assuming you now know enough about UseNet to try it, here’s the oldest and most famous Turkish UseNet address of all – where participants converse in a mixture of Turkish and English: 


    If you have difficulty finding it with your ‘NewsReader’ program of choice, then navigate with your Web Browser to:

    Once there, you may enter the newsgroup name (soc.culture.turkish) and, thereafter, you’ll be able to directly access the message archive for that group from within your web-browser. (Warning…This newsgroup often contains anti-Turkish *flaming* from the 'un-enlightened' -- so wear your face-protector and your boxing gloves when you enter!)

    Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

    Another source for Turkish Pen Pals is ‘Internet Relay Chat’.
    IRC let’s you participate in UseNet-style ‘town meetings’, but the meetings are in real-time (and meeting-size can be limited by the ‘Chatroom moderator’).
    If you want to learn more about IRC,
    then navigate with your Browser to:

    You will need specialized software to use IRC. (Sorry. There’s none embedded in Internet Explorer and Netscape.) But that doesn’t present a problem since there’s plenty of free/shareware IRC software available at download sites like:

    There are certain web locations
    where you can ‘Chat’ directly through your Web Browser.
    For example, the ‘Talk City’ website offers
    a downloadable IRC mini-application,
    that let’s you start chatting right away --
    through the TC Homepage.
    However, the majority of IRC usage
    takes place in dedicated IRC programs.

    When you’re ready to ‘Chat’, then try these Turkish ‘IRC’ addresses:
    irc.teklan.com.tr [This server represents half of Tr-net (in Ankara).]
    irc.dominet.com.tr [This is the other half of Tr-Net (in Istanbul).]
    irc.egenet.com.tr [This is at Ege University in Izmir.]

    If you connect to these,
    don't forget the time zone difference between
    western Turkey (GMT+2) and wherever you happen to be located.
    It wouldn't do
    to drop by when everybody's in bed asleep!

    BTW, at Microsoft’s ‘IRC’ server (chat.msn.com) you can find Turkish ‘chatters’ if you search for 'channels' containing the letters ‘tr’.

    A note about ‘Chat Etiquette’

    You may join a ‘chat’ group, but you don’t have to speak up immediately. You may just sit quietly on the sidelines, ‘listening’ – until you get ‘the feel’ for how to join the conversation in an appropriate manner. And beware…If the Chatroom moderator doesn’t like your attitude, he/she can kick you out of the room – without warning!

    Instant Messengers

    Once you establish one or more regular Turkish pen pals, you may want to do away with IRC – and replace it with something designed specifically for one-to-one real-time communications. That’s where an Instant Messenger may come in handy…

    Instant Messengers are chat applications used for direct exchange of real-time messages between people over the Internet -- without the need to meet on an IRC server or in a 'chat' room.

    And, besides the ‘instant messenger’ applications that are imbedded in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape, there are other dedicated Instant Messenger programs -- available for free at download sites like:

    OK now…
    Go forth...
    and find yourself a Turkish Pen Pal!

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