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LPT's 'Frequently Asked Questions' about the Turkish language...

  • Can you provide the translation for the second Kayahan article too, please.

    Note: We've purposely tried not to 'smooth' the translation too much, so that you can get a feel for how a 'draft' translation might look.
    Headline: My wife didn't run off
    The famous singer Kayahan said that claims (that his wife Ipek Tüter had left him) were lies. Kayahan (who was a guest on the Hülya Avsar Show) said, "I don't know who started this gossip. But I'm very upset." The famous singer/artist, who lives with his daughter Gönül and wife in Ayvalik, said that they were staying in their house in Istanbul for a short while due to music-work reasons.

    The artist who reported having a happy marriage with his wife said, "It's exposed in the words of one of my songs just how right I am, where I reserved a place for, 'I wasn't afraid of snakes, as much as I feared lies." I want to say something to the happiness enemies. My wife did not run off, she's at home and very happy. And the famous artist's wife said, "The gossip is unfounded."

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