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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Turkish Language
and Turkey and the Turkish people...

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LPT's 'Frequently Asked Questions' about the Turkish language...

  • Are there any good 'List Servers' to help me learn Turkish?

    The best one that we know of is the Turkish Learner Group -- hosted by Johnny Skaaning and Arzu Çöltekin.

    To join this group, just navigate to their website at:

    The Turkish Learner Group
    and click the "JOIN" button.
    (Note: The group has gotten rather 'quiet' recently.
    Perhaps if you show it some interest, it will spring to life again!)

    Also, you might try sending an e-mail message
    with your request for help,

    The former is the 'List Server' for 'Turkish Language Studies' and the latter for the 'Less Commonly Taught Languages' groups.
    Both are based in the US.

    But, before you send your help-request, you have to subscribe to the lists...

    For that, send one message to:
    with something like the following in the body of your message:
    subscribe LCTL-T Julia Roberts (use your own chosen name)

    And another message to:
    with something like the following in the body of your message:
    subscribe TSA-L Brad Pitt (use your own chosen name)

    Note: It's not necessary to put anything in the 'Subject' field of either message.

    If they are still active, both of these 'List Servers' will subscribe you within minutes of receiving your subscription requests...and they'll notify you and tell you how to use their service, by return mail -- also within minutes.

    [BTW, if any of the above-mentioned services are *not* still operating, please let us know -- so we can update our records... including this FAQ!]

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