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Big, new...
LPT on CD -- Edition 6.0

Now available...

In addition to check/cheque,
money order,
and bank transfer
methods of purchase,
we now also accept
international credit card payments

for the following countries...


and more...

For book lovers...
Browse either our newly updated
Best English books, CDs, tapes, etc. page
or our brand new
Best Turkish books, CDs, tapes, and videos page --
for Turkish and Turkey.

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Latest Updates!
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On-line for the first time ever...
a giant-sized sampling from the "S" section of our Ottoman Encyclopedia on CD!
Includes multi-media entries for such luminaries as
Sultans Selim I, II, III,
Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent,
Grand Vizier Sokullu Mehmed Pasha,
the Albanian rebel Skanderbeg,
and much more...
Don't miss it!

4 splendid! additions to the
Geopolitical Dictionary...

New Ottoman Encyclopedia entry...
A painting showing
Süleyman the Magnificent
Charles V

(see lower left panel)
Is it fact or fiction?

New voice recordings on...
the Turkish Food page (4)
(starting at the letter 'S')
the Terms of Endearment page (2)
(Without you..., When you go into the army...)
the Essential Turkish page (1)
My door is always open...

A commonly-used but mildly off-color idiom
'to be scared s**tless'
Please observe the 'Off-color' warning...

A new 'standalone ki' curiosity
joins the
Turkish Conjunction Celebration!!

A spicy new verb chart for
I would come, I used to come

A new language-point cartoon
Son of a Donkey!

A sprinkling of 14 new updates, 11 new sentence examples on the
Essential Turkish Headwords page...
[starting with dinlenmek, find them by the symbol beside each one]

Brand New
Terms of Endearment
'Serial Sayings'
to a Turkish manfriend
about to enter the army
to perform his national service...

A new 'celebrity' joke in Turkish...
in which Temel is caught in
an avalanche of  ifs

A new intensive adjective,
that'll give you
an icy-cold sweat...

Commented Practical Turkish Translation Examples
A Children's Folktale -- Hansel and Gretel
-- Ideal for beginners --
Now with more female and male voice recordings!!
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, and Page 7
(And Page 1 now has a
super new image-map
that'll give you lotsa helpful translation hints and tips!)

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