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LPT Symbol The Sounds of Turkish

Business and Economic

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Terms of Business, Economics and more...
English = Turkish (Türkçe)

[Sounds] blank check = açIk çek (ah-chick check) -- (2k bytes)

[Sounds] conditions of sale = açIk artIrma sartlarI (ah-chick ah-tih-mah-shart-larih; note the running together of the second and third words as is frequently heard in pronunciation of French) -- (4k bytes)

[Sounds] express-mail letter = acele olarak mektup (ah-je-lay oh-lar-ahk mehk-tuup -- (4k bytes)

[Sounds] subscription form = abone kayIt fisleri (ah-boh-nay k-eye-it fish-lair-ee) -- (5k bytes)

[Sounds] to get an unexpected and unearned addition to your income = açIktan para kazanmak (ah-chick-tahn par-a kah-zahn-mock) -- (4k bytes)

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