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Warning !!!
The language found on this page may not be for everyone...back out now if you think you may be offended !!!

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LPT Symbol The Sounds of Turkish

Off Color Words and Phrases

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Off Color Words and Phrases
English = Turkish (Türkçe)
Milder Vulgarities...
[Sounds] Dammit! (with gusto!) = Lanet Olsun (lah-net ol-son) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Godammit! (subdued...) = Allah Kahretsin (ah-lah kahr-et-sin) -- (2k bytes)

[Sounds] Go to hell! = Cehenneme git! (ja-hen-enemy giht) -- (6k bytes)

[Sounds] He can go to hell for all I care = Cehenneme kadar yolun var (ja-hen-enemy yo-lun vahr) -- (6k bytes)

[Sounds] Balls = Tasak (tah-shock) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Brave (with balls) = TasaklI (tah-shock-luh) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Coward (without balls) = TasaksIz (tah-shock-szz) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Son of a bitch (or bastard) = Orospu çocugu (or-os-poo cho-ju) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Tit(s) = Meme (may-may) -- (2k bytes)

[Sounds] Ass = KIç (kuhch) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Ass = Göt (gurt) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Pee (or piss) = Çis (cheesh) -- (3k bytes)

[Sounds] Shit = Bok (bawk) -- (3k bytes)

Very Mild...
[Sounds] [Child's] penis = Çük (chook) -- (4k bytes)

[Sounds] Peanut (conveys the idea, "Nice body!") = FIstIk (fss-tkk) -- (3k bytes)

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