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LPT Symbol Translating Danielle Steele

We had to read her. The debbil made us do it...
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Danielle gets a leetle sexy...
Danielle just loves Christmas (whaddaya think! it's when her books sell sell sell...)

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Sexy Danielle...

The original selection from Message from Nam by Danielle Steele

She was long and lean and beautiful and perfectly carved, like a beautiful pink marble statue. "Oh, God...I love you..." And she loved him, too, and without hesitating, she unbuttoned his pajamas, and they lay there for a long time, holding each other close, and not daring to do more, yet wanting so much more that that, wanting everything they had to give, forever. He stroked her long silky hair, and ran his hands gently over her breasts and down her thighs, and then back up again, barely daring to come closer to what he wanted. But it was Paxton that decided it for him. She couldn't bear it any longer. She wanted him too much, and she gently peeled away the bottom of his pajamas, revealing his urgency, his fervent desire for her, which he could no longer control as he held her. "Paxxie..." he whispered hoarsely, "are you sure..."

The original Turkish translation of Steele's Sevgi Bildirisi (Message from Nam) made by Elif Yonat

Paxton'In vücudu pembe mermerden oyulmus güzel bir heykel gibi zarif ve kusursuzdu. "Oh, Tanrim...seni seviyorum..." Paxton da onu seviyordu, hiç düsünmeden onun pijamasInIn dügmelerini açtI. Ve uzun süre birbirlerine sarIlIp öylece yattIlar. Daha fazlasInI yapmaya cesaret edemiyorlar, ama yine de birbirlerinin her seyini istiyorlardI, hem de sonsuza dek. Peter onun uzun ipeksi saçlarInI oksuyor, ellerini yavasça gögüslerinde ve kalçalarInda gezdirip sonra yeniden saçlarIna dönüyordu. Daha fazlasInI yapmaya cesareti yoktu. Ama Paxton artIk daha fazla dayanamayacagInI hissetti. Onu çok fazla istiyordu, usulca Peter'in [sic] pijamasInIn altInI da çIkardI. Onun kendisini ne kadar istedigini hissedebiliyordu. Peter de ona yeniden sarIlInca kendini daha fazla kontrol edemeyecegini anlamIstI. Boguk bir sesle, "Paxxie..." diye fIsIldadI. "Emin misin?"

The same selection from Sevgi Bildirisi (Message from Nam) by Danielle Steele translated into Turkish by Elif Yonat and then re-translated into English by JM (without peeking at the original English!)

Paxton's body was faultless and elegant like a beautiful statue carved from pink marble. "Oh, God...I love you," he said. Paxton also loved him, and without thinking she opened the buttons of his pajamas. For a long time, they lay like that embracing each other. They didn't have the courage to do more, but still they wanted everything of each other, and endlessly. Peter caressed her long silky hair and, after his hands slowly wandered over her hips and breasts, he returned to her hair. There wasn't courage to do more. But then Paxton felt she couldn't stand it anymore. She wanted him too much, so she gently removed his pajama bottom. She was feeling just how much he wanted her. Peter also understood that he would be unable to control himself and again he embraced her. With a hoarse voice, he whispered, "Paxxie...Are you sure?"

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Danielle loves Christmas...

The original opening of The Gift by Danielle Steele

"Annie Whittiker loved everything about Christmas. She loved the weather, and the trees, brightly lit on everyone's front lawn, and the Santa Claus outlined in lights on the roofs of the people's houses. She loved the carols, and waiting for Santa Claus to come, going skating and drinking hot chocolate afterwards, and stringing popcorn with her mother and sitting wide-eyed afterwards looking at how beautiful the Christmas tree was, all lit up. Her mother just let her sit there in the glow of it, her five-year-old face filled with wonder."

The original Turkish translation of Steele's Amagan (The Gift) made by PInar Sengözer

"Annie Whittaker, Noel'le ilgili herseyi severdi. HavayI, evlerin ön bahçesinde pIrIl pIrIl IsIldayan agçlarI ve çatIlarda rengârenk ampullerle çizilen Noel BabalarI severdi. Ilahiler dinlenmeyi, buz pateni yaptIktan ve sIcak çikolata içtikten sonra Noel Baba'yI beklemeyi, annesiyle mIsIr patlatmaya ve karIsInda oturup o olaganüstü güzellikteki Noel agcInI seyretmeyi severdi. Annesi IsIklarI altIna oturmasIna izin verdiginde, yüzü bes yasInIn verdigi merak ve hayranlIkla aydInlanmIstI.

The opening of Amagan (The Gift) by Danielle Steele translated into Turkish by PInar Sengözer and then re-translated into English by JM (without peeking at the original English!)

"Annie Whittaker loved everything to do with Christmas. She loved the weather, and the trees that glittered brightly in the gardens in front of the houses, and the Santa Claus cut-outs with the colorful lights on the roof tops. She loved listening to the blessings, waiting for Santa Claus after skating and drinking hot chocolate, popping corn with her mother, and sitting in front of and looking at the extraordinarily beautiful Christmas tree. When her mother gave her permission to sit under the lights, her five-year-old face brightened with amazement and wonder."

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