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LPT Symbol Turkish Humor Continued...

More grins and giggles ...
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Traditional Turkish Humor #1 -- Nasreddin Hoca
An Australian joke, in Turkish
A British joke, in Turkish
An Irish joke, in Turkish
A Turkish celebrity anecdote, Sezen Aksu

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Temel strikes back

Temel's Revenge, if only...
When Temel got drunk...
King Kong bragging rights...
The Emergency
One of Temel's dimmer moments...
Condom problems, again...
Improves his sexual power...
The Restaurateur
Relieves himself...
Drinks too much...
A 'minor' screw up...

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Temel's Revenge, if only...

KarIsI Temeli komsusu ile aldatIyormus. Temel de süpheleniyormus. Bir gün karIsIna << istanbul'a gidiyorum >> demis ve evin çatIsIna çIkIp saklanmIs. Daha sonra komsusu gelmis karIsIyla sevismeye baslamIslar. Temel yukardan seyrederken bir taraftanda << Ulan, eger istanbul'da olmasaydim, ben size gösterirdim! >> demis.
Thanks PM (4/99)...

Temel's wife is cheating on him with the man next door. And Temel is suspicious. One day, he tells his wife that he's going to Istanbul but, instead, he sneaks up to the roof of his house and hides himself. After a short while, the neighbor arrives and he and Temel's wife start making wild whoopee. And when Temel sees the deceivers with his own eyes he vows vengefully, "Ooooo, you...you...If only I wasn't in Istanbul, I'd show you a thing or two!"

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An Australian Joke, in Turkish...Ed. 5 rev 5

An American from Texas traveled to Australia. There, during a visit to a farm, he asked the farm owner:
"Say there fella', what is that animal over yonder?"
The Australian (seeing that the American was pointing at some cows) said:
Then the Texan pointed at some sheep grazing a little beyond, and asked:
"OK, and what about those animals?"
"They're sheep," [came the answer from the Australian.]
A pained expression came to the American's face, and he shook his head from side to side, saying:
"My my," he said, "What a pity! Because our Texas cows are at least 3 times bigger than these, and our sheep are 4 times bigger!"
Just then while the Texan was speaking, a kangaroo hopped by a little further on -- and again the Texan asked:
"OK then , m'friend, what's the name of that animal?"
"Oh, that?" replied the Australian, "Why that's a grasshopper..."

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
Pazar Eglencesi
by Erdogan TokmakçIoglu
30 September 2001

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A British Joke, in Turkish...

It was during the aerial bombing of Britain during WW II, in the days when the capital city London, especially, was being laid to waste.

In those days, a woman who had to live in London sent a letter to her mother in Scotland that went like this:

"Dear Mummy, German planes continue bombing London nearly every day, and a lot of people are either being killed or wounded during the bombing. Believe me, I'm very worried about my two children...So, I'm [now] sending the children to you until the bombing stops."

Not even a week had passed when the woman received this telegram from her mother in Scotland:

"Send the war planes to us STOP...
I'm sending the children [back] to you STOP!..

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
Pazar Eglencesi
by Erdogan TokmakçIoglu
7 October 2001

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An Irish Joke, in Turkish...

An Irish grocer (as he was departing his grocery shop)
emphatically exhorted his young apprentice:
"My son, if my wife shows up, tell her to wait a little...
I'll be back in 5 or 10 minutes.
The apprentice [replied and] asked:
"All right, sir, and if your wife doesn't show up,
what shall I tell her then?

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
Pazar Eglencesi
by Erdogan TokmakçIoglu
14 October 2001

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A Turkish celebrity anecdote, in Turkish...

From the long-running comedic short-feature called:
Ünlülerden --
DuyulmamIs Fikrakar
[Previously-unheard anecdotes -- from celebrities]

Today's anecdote is from Sezen Aksu,
Turkeys' most famous pop-music singer-songwriter...

Man asked: God, why did you make women so beautiful?
God replied: So that you might fall in love.
Man asked: OK. But why are they so stupid sometimes?
God replied: So that they might be able to fall in love with you...

Thanks to
Gözcü Gazetesi
16 October 2001

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