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LPT Symbol Pretty Good Pronoun Charts

So you can figure out who did what to whom...
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This page is based on ideas found in Mehmet Hengirmen's Türkçe Dilbilgisi. Thanks Mehmet Bey!

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The Reflexive Pronouns
Self Importance
Self Examples
Self Emphasis -- Examples
Other Self Expression -- Examples
More to come!
Personal Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns
Interrogative Pronouns
Indefinite Pronouns
Relative Pronouns
Possessive Pronouns

Self Importance
Some charts to help keep yourself... straight.

The pronouns of kendi; self, oneself, own
him/her/it self
Denoting simple reflexive meaning
Nominative case
kendim kendin kendi (kendisi) kendimiz kendiniz kendileri
Denoting Direct Object
Accusative case
kendimi kendini kendisini
kendimizi kendinizi kendilerini
Denoting Movement toward self Dative Case kendime kendine kendisine
kendimize kendinize kendilerine
Denoting No movement --
self stays in place

Locative Case
kendimde kendinde kendisinde
kendimizde kendinizde kendilerinde
Denoting Movement away from self
Ablative Case
kendimden kendinden kendisinden
kendimizden kendinizden kendilerinden
In which self acts as a possessive adjective
modifying a noun

Genitive Case
kendimin kendinin kendisinin
kendimizin kendinizin kendilerinin
In which self acts as an adverb kendimce kendince kendisince
kendimizce kendinizce kendilerince

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Example Sentences -- kendi; self
kendim Bu boktan yemegi kendim hazIrladIm; I prepared this crappy meal myself.
kendimi Las Vegasa gittim. KIsa zamanda kendimi parasIz buldum; I went to Las Vegas. And very soon, I found myself penniless.
kendime Geçen hafta kendime yeni bir Mercedes Benz aldIm; I bought myself a new Mercedes Benz last week. (just kidding!)
kendimde Bu yastan sonra kendimde aralIksIz sey yapacak güç bulamIyorum -- spor; At this age, I can't find the strength in me for non-stop uhhh... sports. (Who there in cyberspace had their mind in the gutter now? Was that you, Queensland Sheba?)
kendimdenKilisede sarhos oldugum için kendimden utanyorum; I'm ashamed of myself for being drunk at the church service. (It was only the second time, though...)
kendiminBu hata kendimin, ve seni bir daha asla dinlemeyecegim, Brutus; This is my own mistake, and I'll never listen to you again, Brutus!
kendimceBenIm de kendimce bir fikrim var. Simdi, eger bir dakika için kIpIrdamazsan...; I have an idea, according to my own thinking. Now if you'll just hold still for a minute...
kendinKusura bakma ama bu KangalI kendin istedin; Excuuuse me, but you yourself wanted this Kangal. [a Kangal is Turkish breed of large dog. Any other questions?]
kendiniNeden kendini bu kadar üzüyorsun? Sadece bu hafta senin ikinci oto kazan; Why are you so upset yourself? It's only your second auto accident -- this week.
kendineYarIn kendine yeni bir kIsa sort al. Bu sort, arkadan yIrtIldI; Buy yourself some new short-shorts tomorrow. These are torn up the back. (We'll have a closer look, if you like...now where did we put our glasses?)
kendindeNiçin kendinde hiç suç aramIyorsun? Bu, senin dördüncü evliligin; Why don't you look for any guilt inside yourself. This is your fourth marriage! (Don't look our way...we only lost at love once...officially)
kendisindenNeden kendisinden korkuyorsun? Richard Gere seni IsIrmaz; What are you afraid of? Richard Gere won't bite you. (Well, sometimes we have to make examples for the ladies too, ya know...)
kendininAraba kendinin, buna ragmen çok hor kullanIyor -- kocasI gibi; It's her own car. In spite of that, she treats it abusively -- like her husband.
kendinceKendince, Amerika'nIn ideal bir ülke oldgunu mu düsünüyorsun? Git, birde Los Angeles'i gör!; So...In your opinion, you think that America is a perfect country? Well, go see Los Angeles then! (or New York or Atlanta or Chicago or Dallas or Miami or Washington, D.C. or Providence or...)

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To strengthen the meaning of "self" -- throw in an additional kendi,
for good measure!...
PerihanIn adasIna kendi kendime yüzdüm; I personally swam to Perihan's Island! (as opposed to the less emphatic, PerihanIn adasIna kendim yüzdüm; I swam to Perihan's island myself.)
Bu aptal kararI kendi kendine verdin; You made this stupid decision on your own accord.
Çok zengin bir adam. Bodrumu kendi kendine oturmak için satIn aldI; He's a very wealthy man. He bought Bodrum (Turkey's resort city for the rich and famous) so he could live there by himself ! [Note that kendi kendine is used in both sentences above...]
Onlarla çok mesgulüz, kendi kendimizin farkInda degiliz; We got so involved with them, that we forgot to look out for ourselves.
Kendi kendinize temiz oldugunuzu düsünürsünüz, ama çocuklarInIz kokar; You seem to think that you yourselves are nice people, but your children stink!
Agostusta Parise gitmek iyi bir fikir degildi. Ama planlarInI kendi kendilerine yapmak istediler; It wasn't a good idea to go to Paris in August, but they wanted to make their own plans without anybody's help.
Please note -- in the constructions above, the word following kendi must always have some sort of a suffix ending, depending on its usage in the rest of the sentence.
It can not stand alone.
For example, kendim by itself is valid, but kendi kendim (without a suffix) is not a valid term for (or pertaining to) "myself" -- in a Turkish sentence.
(See the complete first example above)

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Another way to strengthen the meaning of "self", is to add in the personal pronouns and include the word bizzat; in person, on his/her/it's own...
izzet, bizzat o kendisi iyi bir zat; Izzet, he himself -- in person -- is a good guy.

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