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LPT Symbol Turkish Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Necessitative Mood, Past Narrative Compound...
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The Necessitative Mood

Necessitative Mood

Past, Compound Narrative Tense

Türkce -- Gereklilik Kipinin , Geçmis zaman hikâyesi

Past, Compound Narrative-- Negative Past, Compound Narrative -- Interrogative Past, Compound Narrative -- Negative Interrogative
gelmeliydim --
I should have come, I ought to have come
gelmemeliydim --
I shouldn't have come
gelmeli miydim? --
should I have come?
gelmemeli miydim? --
shouldn't I have come?
gelmeliydin --
you should have come
gelmemeliydin --
you shouldn't have come
gelmeli miydin? --
should you have come?
gelmemeli miydin? --
shouldn't you have come?
gelmeliydi --
he should have come
gelmemeliydi --
he shouldn't have come
gelmeli miydi? --
should he have come?
gelmemeli miydi? --
shouldn't he have come?
gelmeliydik --
we should have come
gelmemeliydik --
we shouldn't have come
gelmeli miydik? --
should we have come?
gelmemeli miydik? --
shouldn't we have come?
gelmeliydiniz --
you should have come
gelmemeliydiniz --
you shouldn't have come
gelmeli miydiniz? --
should you have come?
gelmemeli miydiniz? --
shouldn't you have come?
gelmeliydiler --
they should have come
gelmemeliydiler --
they shouldn't have come
gelmeliler miydi? --
should they have come?
gelmemeli miydiler? --
shouldn't they have come?
Related Examples:

Bugün çok balIk tutmalIydIm.
I should have caught a lot of fish today.
Sabahki manzarayI bir de sen görmeliydin.
You also should have seen the view this morning.
Bir semsiye almalIydIn.
You should have taken an umbrella.
Maç saat 3'te baslamalIydI, ama bir gecikme oldu.
The football match should have started at three o'clock, but there was a delay.
Sadece saka yaptIgImI anlamalIydInIz.
You should have realized that I was only joking.

Ilk gün güneste çok kalmamalIydIn.
You shouldn't have stayed [so] long in the sun on the first day.
KöpekbalIgI olan yerlerde denize girmemeliydiniz.
You shouldn't have entered into the sea because there are sharks in the area.
Bügün geç kalkmamalIydIm.
I shouldn't have gotten up late this morning.
YanlIs bir kIzla evlenmemeliydiniz.
You shouldn't have married the wrong woman.
Garsona bir bahsis vermeli miydim?
Should I have given the waiter a tip?
Bu seçimde, oyumu Republican partiye kullanmamalI mIydIm?
Shouldn't I have voted for the Republican party in this election?

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