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LPT Symbol Turkish Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Past Dubitative, Compound, Conditional...
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The Indicative Mood Tenses

Indicative Mood

Past Dubitative, Compound Conditional Tense

Türkçe -- Bilesik Eylem ZamanlarI, Belirsiz Geçmis zamanIn sartI

Past Dubitative, Compound Conditional -- Negative Past Dubitative, Compound Conditional -- Interrogative Past Dubitative, Compound Conditional -- Negative Interrogative
gelmissem --
if I have come
gelmemissem --
if I haven't come
gelmissem mi? --
[what] if I have come?
gelmemissem mi?--
[what] if I haven't come?
gelmissen --
if you have come
gelmemissen --
if you haven't come
gelmissen mi? --
[what] if you have come?
gelmemissen mi? --
[what] if you haven't come?
gelmisse --
if he has come
gelmemisse --
if he hasn't come
gelmisse mi? --
[what] if he has come?
gelmemisse mi? --
[what] if he hasn't come?
gelmissek --
if we have come
gelmemissek --
if we haven't come
gelmissek mi? --
[what] if we have come?
gelmemissek mi? --
[what] if we haven't come?
gelmisseniz --
if you have come
gelmemisseniz --
if you haven't come
gelmisseniz mi? --
[what] if you have come?
gelmemisseniz mi? --
[what] if you haven't come?
(gelmisseler) --
if they have come
(gelmemisseler) --
if they haven't come
gelmislerse mi? (gelmisseler mi?)--
[what] if they have come?
gelmemislerse mi?
(gelmemisseler mi?) --
[what] if they haven't come?
Related Examples:

ParanIz bitmisse, size biraz borç para verebilirim.
I can lend you some money if your money has been spent.

Yeni evlerini görmemissen, gidelim.
If you haven't seen their new home, let's go (visit them).
Eger bu haydutlar fazla uzaklasmamIslarsa, onlarI yakalama sansImIz var!
If these bandits haven't gotten too far away, we have a chance of catching them.
Note: This verb construction is hardly ever used, but may be seen infrequently in the following type of conversation between two people...

Person #1: O eski halIyI atmIslarsa onlara çok kIzacagIm.
If they throw away the old carpet, I'll be very upset with them....
Person #2: AtmIslarsa mI? Zannetmiyorum, atmamIslardIr, çünki halIlar eskidikçe degerlenir. If they throw it away? I don't think [they will]. They won't throw [it] away because carpets get [more] valuable with age.

(Note: This verb construction is hardly ever used)

* compare this tense with the Optative Mood Simple Tense...

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