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LPT Symbol Turkish Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Necessitative Mood, Simple Tense...
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The Necessitative Tenses

Necessitative Mood

Simple Tense

Türkce -- Gereklilik Kipinin

Simple - Negative Simple - Interrogative Simple -- Negative Interrogative
gelmeliyim --
I must come, I have to come, I should come
gelmemeliyim --
I mustn't come, I shouldn't come
gelmeli miyim? --
must I come? should I come?
gelmemeli miyim? --
mustn't I come? shouldn't I come?
gelmelisin --
you must come, you have to come, you should come
gelmemelisin --
you mustn't come, you shouldn't come
gelmeli misin? --
must you come? should you come?
gelmemeli misin? --
mustn't you come? shouldn't you come?
gelmeli --
he/she/it must come, he has to come, he should come
gelmemeli --
he/she/it mustn't come, he shouldn't come
gelmeli mi? --
must he come? should he come?
gelmemeli mi? --
mustn't he come? shouldn't he come?
gelmeliyiz --
we must come, we have to come, we should come
gelmemeliyiz --
we mustn't come, we shouldn't come
gelmeli miyiz? --
must we come? should we come?
gelmemeli miyiz? --
mustn't we come? shouldn't we come?
gelmelisiniz --
you must come, you have to come, you should come
gelmemelisiniz --
you mustn't come, you shouldn't come
gelmeli misiniz? --
must you come? should you come?
gelmemeli misiniz? --
mustn't you come? shouldn't you come?
gelmeliler --
they must come, they have to come, the should come
gelmemeliler --
they mustn't come, they shouldn't come
gelmeliler mi? --
must they come? should they come?
gelmemeliler mi? --
mustn't they come? shouldn't they come?
Related Examples:

Ingilizce ögrenmek istersen Londra'ya gitmelisin.
If you want to learn English, you have to (must) go to London.
Oturup beklemelisin.
You must sit and wait.
Nezle olundugunda yatIlmalIdIr.
If one has a cold, one ought to stay in bed.

Çocuklar caddede oynamamalIlar.
The children mustn't play in the street.
Oraya girmemelisin, annen uyuyor.
You musn't go in there, your mother is asleep.
Tehlikeli oldugu için çocuklar bIcaklarla oynamamalIlar.
Children musn't play with knives because they're dangerous.
Kütüphanede konusmamalIsInIz.
You musn't speak (loudly) in the library.
Daha fazla vakit kaybetmemeliyiz.
We mustn't waste any more time.
O erkek arkadasInI unutmaya çalIsmalI mI?
Should she try to forget her boyfriend?
Derhal gitmeli miyim?
Must I go immediately?
Bütün sorularI yanItlamalI mIyIm?
Do I have to answer all the questions?
Geçen defa hiç nazik degillerdi. Acaba davetlerini kabul etmemelimiyiz?
Last time they weren't very nice. Should we not accept their invitation [this time]?

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