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LPT Symbol Turkish Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Simple Past, Definite...
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The Past Tenses

( also see Present Perfect Tense -- where geldim, for example, can be used to convey the meaning I have come...)
Indicative Mood

Simple Past, Definite Tense

Türkçe -- Berlirli Geçmis Zaman

Simple Past, Definite -- Negative Simple Past, Definite -- Interrogative Simple Past, Definite -- Negative Interrogative
geldim --
I came, I did come
gelmedim --
I didn't come
geldim mi?--
did I come?
gelmedim mi? --
didn't I come?
geldin --
you came, you did come
gelmedin --
you didn't come
geldin mi? --
did you come?
gelmedin mi? --
didn't you come?
geldi --
he came, he did come
gelmedi --
he didn't come
geldi mi?--
did he come?
gelmedi mi? --
didn't he come?
geldik --
we came, we did come
gelmedik --
we didn't come
geldik mi?--
did we come?
gelmedik mi? --
didn't we come?
geldiniz --
you came, you did come
gelmediniz --
you didn't come
geldiniz mi? --
did you come?
gelmediniz mi? -- didn't you come?
geldiler --
they came, they did come
gelmediler --
they didn't come
geldiler mi? --
did they come?
gelmediler mi? -- didn't they come?
Related Examples:

KIzkardesini plajda gördüm.
I saw your sister at the beach.
KapIyI açmaya calIstIlar.
They tried to open the door.
KapIyI açmayI
They tried opening the door.
O senin sorunu cevapladI.
He answered your question.
Habersiz geldiler.
They came unannounced.

Anneme yazdIgIm mektubu bitirmedim.
I didn't finish the letter that I wrote to my mother.
Birkaç tane kartpostal satIn aldIm, ama hiç pul almadIm.
I bought some postcards but I didn't get (buy) any stamps.
Sen hiç yanlIslIk yapmadIn.
You didn't make any mistakes.
Sana yatak odasInI gösterdi mi?
Did he show you the bedroom?
Otobüs duragIndaki kizlara dikkat ettin mi?
Did you notice the girls at the bus stop?
O senin ismini sordu mu?
Did he ask your name?
Onun ne yapmakta oldugunu gördün mü?
Did you see what he was doing?
Senin sorularIna cevap vermediler mI?
Didn't they answer your questions?
O senin ismini sormadI mI?
Didn't he ask your name?
O senin sözlügünü ödünç almadI mI?
Didn't he borrow your dictionary?

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