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LPT Symbol Turkish Verb Tenses

Gelmek -- Imperative Mood...
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Imperative Mood

Türkce -- Emir Kipi

Imperative -- Negative Imperative - Interrogative

Imperative - Negative Interrogative
gel* --
[you] come (you, singular)
gelme* --
[you] don't come (you, singular)
gelsin --
tell him to come, let him come, have him come
gelmesin --
tell him not to come, let him not come
gelelim --
let's come
gelmiyelim --
let's not come
gelin, geliniz** --
[you] come (you, plural), let you come
gelmeyiniz** --
[you] don't come (you, plural), let you not come
gelsinler --
tell them to come, let them come
gelmesinler --
tell them not to come, let them not come
Related Examples:

Let's go.
(Let's leave;
Let's get out of here)

O kitaplarI okuyun.
Read those books.
Rahat ediniz.
Make yourself comfortable.
Bana bir kalemi versin.
Tell him to give me a pencil.
Size yazarsa, bana haber veriniz.
If he writes to you, let me know.
Suyu çocuga içirin.
Have the child drink the water.
Evvela yemeginizi bitirin.
Finish your dinner first.
Posta kutusundan gazetiyi al ve onu masamim üstüne koy.
Take the newspaper from the mailbox and put it on my desk.

Ingilizce konusmayIn.
Don't speak English.
Gelmeyin, lutfen.
Please don't come.
Benim için beklemesinler.
Tell them not to wait for me.
Saat bes vapurunu kacIrmayInIz.
Don't miss the five o'clock boat.
Oturma odasIndakI çiçekleri sulama.
Don't water the flowers in the living room.
Ona o is hakkInda bir sey söyleme.
Don't tell him anything about it.
Sigara içmegi adet edinme.
Don't get in the habit of smoking.
* This is a less polite form -- used between good friends or used by an adult addressing a child
** This is the politest form and may be used in place of the singular form -- used between strangers or in formal situations

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