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LPT Symbol Sounds of Turkish

Everyday words and phrases -- just a few for completeness!
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We only provide a few of the everyday words and phrases --
because other sites have covered them pretty well.
Have a look at our Links to other sites of interest page if you need
more comprehensive help with everyday words and phrases.

Everyday Words and Phrases
English to Turkish (Türkçe)
[Sounds] yes is evet (eh-vet)

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[Sounds] no is hayIr (hi-year)

(3k bytes)
[Sounds] thank you is tesekkür ederim (teh-sheh-kyuur eh-deh-reem)

(4k bytes)
[Sounds] you're welcome is bir sey degil (beer shey deel)

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[Sounds] please is lütfen (loot-fehn)

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[Sounds] I'm sorry, excuse me is özur dilerim (er-zehr-dee-leh-reem)

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[Sounds] hello is merhaba; selam (mare-hah-bah ; say-lahm)

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[Sounds] goodbye is güle güle [said by the person remaining at a location]
(goo-lay goo-lay)
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[Sounds] goodbye is allaha IsmarladIk [said by the person leaving the location]
(ah-lah-ha ihs-mahr-lah-dihk)
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[Sounds] Do you speak ...? ... konusuyor musunuz? (koh-noosh-ih-yohr moo-soon-ooz)
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[Sounds]English is ingilizce (een-ghee-leez-jeh)
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[Sounds](female voice)Ed. 5.0
What is your name? is isminiz nedir? (eess-mee-neez neh-deer)
[Sounds](male voice)
[Sounds]It's nice to meet you. is TanistIgImIza memnun oldum. -- or plain, Memnun oldum...(tah-nish-tih-ih-mih-zah mehm-nuum ohl-duum)
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[Sounds]How are you? is Nasilsin(iz)? (nah-sihl-sih-nihz)
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[Sounds]good is iyi (ee-yee)
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[Sounds]bad is kötü (ker-tuuh)
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