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Green Village au Mer
Izmir, Turkey

Turkish Minister of Tourism
Ministry of Tourism
Dear Minister,

I wish to register a serious complaint about the tour operator Tursem in Izmir (see address below) -- and in particular about Selda Blitzkrieg, a 'senior associate' there.

I recently got a travel writing-assignment for Northern Cyprus. So, I contacted Tursem and made arrangements (with the friendly help of Nilay HanIm) for a tour there. And, all seemed quite pleasant at first.

But as soon as Tursem got hold of my advanced money payment, the pleasantness stopped -- and I was passed to Ms. Blitzkrieg. To my surprise, she became extremely rude when I asked for clarification about tour prices and discounts. She was so insulting at one point, that I asked to cancel my tour -- and to take my money back. But she 'laughed' scornfully at that idea -- and refused to return my payment.

So I was stuck with Tursem, against my wishes. And I'm still not happy about it. I want an apology from Tursem for Ms. Blitzkrieg's bad manners -- which reflect poorly on the Turkish tourism industry, in general. And I am seeking your help in obtaining one -- and in chastening Tursem/Blitzkrieg.

Because of Turkey's recent tourism problems, bad publicity for even one of the country's tour operators could be harmful -- and distract from general tourism recovery-efforts. Therefore, I ask you to please help me get some satisfaction in this matter -- so that the bad publicity won't be necessary.

Thank you,

Respectfully Yours,

Mary Margret Manningtree
Four Country Computing

Adres: Tursem (ve Celebrity Lambousa)
Talatpasa Blv. No. 58, Kat 1 / 2, Alsancak – Izmir
Telefon:(0-232) 463-9763 ve 463-8693

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