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LPT Symbol The Turkish Verb 'to be' -- sort of...whats new

Present Tense -- yorgun-um; I am (I'm) tired

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The Present Tense
Present Tense

Simdiki zaman

Present Tense -- Negative Present Tense -- Interrogative Present Tense -- Negative Interrogative
yorgunum --
I am (I'm) tired
yorgun degilim --
I am (I'm) not tired
yorgun muyum? --
am I tired?
yorgun degil miyim? --
am I not tired? aren't I tired?
yorgunsun --
you are (you're) tired
yorgun degilsin --
you are not tired, you aren't tired
yorgun musun? --
are you tired?
yorgun degil misin? --
are you not tired? aren't you tired?
yorgun(dur) --
he/she/it is tired
yorgun degil(dir)--
he/she/it is not tired
yurgun mu(dur)? --
is he/she/it tired?
yorgun degil mi(dir)? --
isn't he/she/it tired?
yorgunuz --
we are tired
yorgun degiliz --
we are not tired
yorgun muyuz?--
are we tired?
yorgun degil miyiz? --
are we not tired?
yorgunsunuz --
you (all) are tired
yorgun degil siniz --
you (all) are not tired
yorgun musunuz? --
are you (all) tired?
yorgun degil misiniz? --
aren't you (all) tired?
yorgun(dur)lar --
they are tired
yorgun degil(dir)ler --
they are not tired
yorgun mu(dur)lar? --
are they tired?
yorgun degil mi(dir)ler?--
are they not tired?

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