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A new illustrative 'language-point' cartoon -- Idioms 'B'
A new 'Politically Incorrect Funnie'
Mike Thomas' Interactive Dictionary is ready for *free* download again...

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  • The Mammoth New LPT on CD -- Edition 5.0
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    The big, new 'commercial-free' CD version of
    Learning Practical Turkish -- Edition 5.0
    (celebrating our 5th year of operation) is more than 8 times larger than the online version! It contains all the on-line material found in the most current website update (as well as the exclusive, complete, and updated material from all previous CD Editions) plus many exclusive new CD Edition 5.0 features... including almost 800 voice recordings (compared to about 190 recordings on-line) and the full version of our action-packed Multi-Media Ottoman Empire Encyclopedia at more than 240 cross-referenced and cross-linked pages (compared to about 30 pages on-line, with only limited sound and cross-referenced linking) that you can use off-line, at your leisure, without an Internet connection -- and that has been stripped of commercials!
    For Windows 95/98/ME/2000 -- and coming soon for Mac systems running OS - X!
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LPT Edition 5.0 -- Online Sampler
Menu d'langue

March 2001

We extend sincere thanks again to 'old' Turkish friends like TaskIn ÇalI, Yesim Büyükburç, and Nursen Çetin...and to new ones like Çetin Küçük and Mehmet Doktan -- for their hefty contributions in helping prepare this giant-sized new LPT Edition 5.0. You ladies and gents are just great!

And, true to form (we think) we have a lot of interesting new material for you...

  • Firstly, there are brand new pages with titles like:
    • The 700 Club -- a much-needed compendium of Essential Turkish Headwords, phrases, suffixes, and prefixes...
      with a mind-numbing introduction from Marvin and Mabel.
    • Verbal Nouns -- A beguiling introduction
      (with Mabel and Marvin again -- peeking out between the cracks) that comes accompanied by:
    • Politically Incorrect Funnies
    • Mediha HanIm's Library. You won't find a nicer lady than Mediha HanIm
      (as Mabel and Marvin explain in their preamble) -- and perusing a few pages from her book (and listening to a few of her voice recordings) will help you build your *serious* Turkish vocabulary, too...
    • Enter the World of... -- a new series featuring modern Turks in age-old professions. In the series debut, we cast the spotlight on our friend and favorite carpet-guy, Çetin Küçük...
  • In addition, we continue our coverage of those ever 'practical' Turkish idioms...So, we hope you'll gravitate to the Turkish Idioms, Letter 'G' page, which you'll find linked together with a new Rest of the Idiom Story page.

  • And if you're a Turkish music fan, we're sure you've heard of... Tarkan !!
    Our new page about him contains a copyright-pushing
    2-minute sound-clip -- so you'd better have a listen before 'someone' makes us reduce it. But there's more on the Turkish music front -- as you'll see from the gossipy news item about Kayahan (our favorite male singer-songwriter who can't quite keep his personal life together) and his adamant denial concerning his young wife, ipek, and their new baby...
  • We've also added helpful, useful or informative entries to other existing pages, such as:
  • Additionally (after the excruciating 'discussions' we had about them with TaskIn Ç), we hope you'll be delighted with the 5 new and interesting Verb Conjugations (with copious usage examples) that we offer you.
    Please access them via the 'New' icons on the verbs index page...

  • Besides our Turkish friends, we actually have a few Occidental ones too, you know. No lie. And two of the most generous are Pete Davis (who wrote the exclusive article for us about the enigmatic Kara Mustafa Pasa) and Patricia Rawlings (who strives beyond the call of duty, with her kind and expert editing skills, to make our English scribblings understandable)...

  • But significant also are the Personal Experience contributions we received from Suzanne Olcay and Mark Bergman -- which are bound to bring smile...

  • And we're offering another must have *Free* download along with
    LPT's Edition 5.0 -- this one from our Hoosier friend Mike Thomas.
    It's a pre-loaded Interactive Turkish Dictionary  for Windows (that tips the scales at nearly 5 MB) which is likely to please -- and come in very handy too!
    And by the way...We hear from Rob Michelson at Georgia Tech that the new MacIntosh Operating System OS-X will permit Mac Users to use our LPT on CD
    with 100% Windows compatibility...
    Iddin' tha' nice...
    We'll keep you posted as to when Mac's OS-X will be available.

  • As regards the on-line sampler version of the action-packed Multi-media Ottoman Empire Encyclopedia, we've taken a new tack for the new millennium and included all the entries we have on CD -- but only for three letters of the alphabet (C, H, K)...And some of the entries we think you'll like are:

  • And, believe it or not, we've somehow found room for a few more (twenty, in case you're counting) adult additions (some would call them adolescent sniggerings)
    on the 'you know what' page.

  • And there are a bunch of new links you might like, too...
    One, for example, that many of you may have been waiting for is the Tömer Language School Website... And for kids whose moms insist that they learn Turkish among all the other things that we, er, that they have to do, there's Turkish for Kids -- with news, games, stories, and a fun house (with film clips and music)...

  • You'll notice too that we've increased our on-line voice recordings library by more than 40%. That makes about 190 voice recordings on-line (compared to more than 675 on our CD) -- but as usual we've rotated out more old recordings to make way for the new ones...BTW you may need to upgrade your *free* Real Audio software in order to hear some of our latest vocal offerings (Drop us a line if you need help). But when you do, we hope you'll be pleased with the new sound files you'll find on our pages for Turkish Food, Essential Headwords, Verbal Nouns, Terms of Endearment, Everyday Phrases, Mediha HanIm's Turkish Library, Business and Economic Terms, Ottoman Empire Encyclopedia, Internet and Computers, Idioms -- G, Idioms 'Z'.

  • Penultimately...we've added even *more* book links.
    Of possible interest is another of our collaborations for Lonely Planet Publications, the Europe Phrasebook -- February 2001 (in collaboration with 13 other authors -- covering the many languages of Europe... Basque, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Turkish, and Welsh.) It's the third time the book has been printed, but the first time our work has been included. Just click one of the logos... if you'd like to check it out.

    But there's lots more. So, please visit our Best Books, CDs, and Tapes page -- and dive right in... (And, even though we don't receive royalties from Lonely Planet, we'd like to point out that our World Food -- Turkey, has been short-listed for the UK's prestigious Andre Simon Award this year !! And besides that, LP has assured us that the eror-free verzion of our Turkish Phrasebook is now in book stores everywhere.)

  • And lastly, some of you may appreciate the time we've spent improving our Table of Contents/Index page -- now with 23% more entries (or thereabouts)...
    We have to confess, however, that we've been more dutiful (though perhaps only slightly more successful) in trying to perfect the TOC/Index on our commercially available CD...

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    Oh! We almost forgot...
    Thanks sincerely to our benefactors at
    The IconBazaar
    for their grrreat heading-bars --
    that we've used on our latest pages...

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